The New Home Saga: Comcast Rising

Posted: October 25, 2016 in Comcast, Xfinity

So, SPW and I moved into some new digs. It was a really long distance move… one whole block. As part of the move, had to handle the essentials.

TV and Internet.

As we are bereft of choices where we live, we deal with Comcast, because Century Link sucks. Have their infamous triple play. Pay way too much for it, but that’s the way it is. I don’t have man y complaints on the service itself… the TV is clear, the internet is blazing fast, and our service is reliable.

My issues come pretty much anytime I have to call them. Or change anything. Or breathe wrong.

The most recent snafu came with the move. I started the process online and never quite finished, mainly because I was waiting to make sure all the inspections were approved and whatnot. I got a call from the fine folks at Comcast offering to set up our move. I was told since we were only moving  a block, staying in the same neighborhood, same municipality, hell, same side of the street, we’d be able to transfer our DVR recordings and our telephone number.

OK, good.

Come Sunday, the tech showed up and something got messed up. Our DVR wasn’t able to be transferred and they gave us a new phone number. I asked about this and the basic gist of the reply was “Too bad, so sad.”

So, basically, Comcast lied about being able to keep our phone number. So all the time I spent changing addresses with various accounts and banks and utilities and whatnot has been a complete waste of my time because I have to go back and do it again.

I guess since I’m a nobody, my time isn’t valuable. But what I really REALLY like is our old phone number back.

I guess there’s no chance of that. Because I don’t matter.

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