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Well, it’s here and gone. The Yard Sale of Doom has come and gone and our house is still standing. There was, of course, an incredible display of unbridled cheapness, but that’s what happens when you have this kind of function. Let’s review, shall we?

After not getting to bed until around 2:00 or so, 6:30 was waaay too early to be getting up. I knew it would be a scorcher, so I decided to forego the shower, threw on a ballcap (and pants, too) and got to work. The Management and I had done a lot of prep work the past few days, including removing the giant computer desk from my office, so there wasn’t a lot of carrying stuff to do. Dragged the tables outside, displayed our wares, and off we went.

besides the giant desk, highlights included three gently used Lego sets (figured if I sold them for what I listed them for on eBay, I’d be ahead of the game. No eBay fees or PayPal fees), a table that we used in our kitchen, some DVDs, and a few other sundry items. Our friend Cheri also set up a couple of tables, primarily getting rid of children’s clothes and toys. We weren’t seeing much action on our big ticket stuff, so I snapped a quick picture of the computer desk and threw it up on craigslist. Figured it couldn’t hurt. About a half hour later, I check my email and there’s a reply from someone expressing interest in the desk, with a phone number. I start dialling the number when someone asked about the desk. Turns out to be the guy I was just calling! What are the odds?

He wound up buying the desk, along with a printer and router. I was just glad to see it go!

All in all, other than some people trying to nickel and dime us (asking $1.00 for a DVD and somebody offers $0.25. I looked at him and said, “Seriously?” He didn’t buy… cheap bastard. We even managed to take some of the profit and pick up some chicken BBQ from the local fire company. They get $9.00 for a half chicken, baked potato, roll, cole slaw, drink and dessert. Not bad and goes to a good cause. It helps that it is some yummy chicken.

Next chapter of the Yard Sale saga takes place July 7, in bucolic Blandon, PA. If you’re headed up 222 to the Kutztown Folk Festival, look for us on the side of the road.

As an aside, the birdie maternity ward is back in business. Every summer, it seems that a certain dove likes to lay eggs in our hanging flower baskets. It’s actually kind of cool to watch, as she seems to be a very calm bird. Hope I can get some pictures of the hatchlings this year.

Mom keeping an eye on things