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So, I was watching one of those off channels that Comcast throws in the HD section of the cable spectrum. This channel, called Destination America, apparently used to be called Planet Green and turned out to be a failure. Anyways, there was a show called Super-Duper Thrill Rides and, well, it outlined another reason I need to get healthy. These rides are intense… some probably too intense, but that’s ok.

I alluded to being humiliated several years ago when Supportive Partner Woman (smarter than me!) and I left our traditional stomping grounds at Walt Disney World and spent a few days at Universal Studios Florida and Sea World Orlando. Being much more of a coaster buff than SPW, I couldn’t wait for a crack at the biggest and baddest coasters Orlando offered at the time.

Kraken at sunset

Our first venture afield took us to Sea World where SPW (fan of penguins!) and I took part in what Sea World referred to as their Adventure Express Tour. The tour included such things as priority seating at the shows, visits to facilities out of public eye, getting to pet a penguin, lunch, and for me the best perk was line jumping for the rides.

Ah, rides. I was really excited to get on Kraken, which was the jewel of the Sea World crown. 144 foot drop, 65 mph, and floorless. Oh, yeah! So, they took us in the back way and I got into my seat and pulled down the shoulder harness. Imagine my chagrin when I couldn’t get the safety belt to clip to the shoulder harness. It took two Sea World staffers to get it to connect, with one basically standing on the harness while the other one connected the belt and harness. Thanks to the herculean effort of those two guys, I got to experience a really good coaster. I was thinner then, too, so I imagine I’d have no luck in my current state or size.

The Incredible Hulk

After the Sea World encounter, we went to Universal’s Islands of Adventure where the headline attraction is the Incredible Hulk coaster. They had specific rows set up for persons of size which were very helpful, and ironically, it was a complete walk-on for me. I was able to close the harness and latch both belts without any staff assistance.

So, for me another element of the weight loss quest is to be able to ride this type of attraction without the embarrassment of needing to be manhandled to fit. I want the only determining factor to be me looking at a ride and saying, “Oh, HELL no!” rather than my tubby butt not fitting in the space provided. I don’t want to worry that my weight will overstress the restraint system and I’ll plummet to my doom.

Yet another reason is so I can closet shop. I have a collection of most excellent T-shirts I’d love to fit in again. I’m close on some of them, but others will need a bit of work. I’d much prefer to not wear something because it was too big rather than too small.

I know they may seem a little silly, but they are valid supporting reasons. I have to continue to look at this quest not only for how it will improve my health, but also my quality of life. Being able to do stuff I haven’t done in years will really help in that department. Plus, maybe I won’t feel so old… until I get out of the coaster.