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Monday morning rant

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Rant
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So, I’ve mentioned in passing the presence of Mario the Super Honda. He’s been given the name by Supportive Partner Woman (Penguins fan) mainly because he’s blue (like the old school Penguins uniforms) and when we picked him up he had 66 miles on the odometer. He’s been part of the family for just a tad over six years and has worked very well. I’m usually quick to point out how well-engineered and constructed he is’ costing us very little in unscheduled repairs.

Yes, he’s taken new rear shocks, but given the state of the roads in this county, I’d be more surprised if he DIDN’T take shocks.

The claim of good engineering does not extend to the power door locks, however. There was one case where the drivers door lock would not release, forcing me to climb over the console and escape via the passenger door. As a large person, that was interesting to say the least. $141 later, we were on our way. The rear locks have not functioned properly for awhile, and yesterday, the passenger door lock would not respond to the switch. But then it did. Now it doesn’t. It’s working again. Sigh.

As much as I like the car, and I do like the car, it’s little nagging issues like this that would make me think twice before considering another Honda. Or would make me consider not recommending it. You’re probably saying, “Geeze, Brian, it’s just the door locks,” but when you consider my 1999 Oldsmobile P.O.S. took 12 years for one door lock to start malfunctioning, well, you have to wonder. I just don’t relish paying $560 to replace components that shouldn’t need replacing at this stage of the game.

Maybe it’s just me, but I believe the folks at honda went for some extra “gee whiz” points and added some moving parts where they didn’t need to have them. Or I’m way off. Don’t get me wrong, the car performs well and still manages to clock 30+ MPG on darn near every tank of gas, but it’s how you do and handle the little problems that build loyalty as much as how well an engine works.

So, memo to Honda… Fix this.

Rant over.