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Posted: June 26, 2010 in Weight loss
Hey everyone. Just thought since I’ve embarked on my journey to lose weight, I would document what I am doing. If I can help anyone to lose before they get in as bad a shape as I am, well, that would be a good thing. So, here goes the rundown.
I’m 39, overweight, and diabetic. Sound familiar? I struggled with weight most of my life. I was never blessed with a really good metabolism, standing next to a sandwich would make me gain weight it seemed. I kept it under control in high school with being busy all the time and weighed 185 pounds when I graduated. Considering my height, I was only about ten pounds over my ideal.
After high school, I started eating more and doing less. I still managed to keep the weight somewhat in check, but I was looking a little more rotund. Between working and going to school, I was too busy to eat properly, wound up with a lot of fast food. Probably weighed about 230.
A failed relationship later, I thought a change of scenery would do me good. I relocated to Baltimore, took a new job and rarely left my apartment. My weight skyrocketed past 300 pounds. Started noticing pain in my knees and feet that I never had. After a year, I gave up on that and moved home. Weight continued to rise. I went back and finished college, but we’re talking orca-fat city.
The high (low?) point for me was when I surpassed 400 pounds. I topped out around 420, I think. I had gotten a new job and decided there was a coworker I wanted to ask out. I knew she’d never go out with me as fat as I was (411 pounds), so I started dieting hard. I managed to drop over 130 pounds just by eating right and walking every day. I actually did go out with her a few times, realized it wasn’t going anywhere, but still reached a goal.
Following a year of personal tragedy, I met the woman who would become my wife. The weight crept back on. I kept it around 300, but the comfort factor is tough to beat. Not to mention that we both love food. This kept up and two years ago, I had a scare. I went to the emergency room with chest pains. After some hemming and hawing, it was decided I would have a cardiac catheterization. This is not a pleasant experience, believe you me. But, it inspired me to give up caffeine and the snack foods, eat healthy, and the weight just came off.
As usual, it crept back on. Are we getting a pattern here?  This brings us to the present.  As of Thursday, June 24, I weighed in at 320.0. My goal for right now is 300, then 275, 250, and finally 225. Is it my ideal weight? No, but I can carry 225 and not look like a hippo.  How am I going to lose it?  First of all, I’m doing this for me. Nobody else. Secondly, I’m eating well-balanced, healthy meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Will I have a Chick-Fil-A sandwich from time to time? You betcha. Will I scarf three of them at a time? Not anymore.
Today’s weight: 312.6
  1. Mischala says:


    I just found out about your blog. I’m proud of you for writing this out. Your true nature (wanting to help others who might be in a similar situation) shines through your desire to do better for yourself. I missed some of your health scares, I’m glad you are ok. I know this is never easy (I think I am guilty of contribution in the first round college years of working, school, and mozzarella cheesesticks!). Be sure to post every little trick that helps you along the way, and hopefully others will help by doing the same. I’ll start – sometimes, when I go to a restaurant, especially one where I know I love the food and they give me way too much of it, I actually order it like this; “I would like the fettucine primavera, and I would like you to put half of it in a to go box.” And they do, they put half of it in the box, and wrap it up and it doesn’t even tempt you (until lunch the next day) – AND you know what else, you don’t even miss it. You are enjoying your time at the restaurant with your friends or Laura or whoever and before you know it, you’ve finished your plate – ahaaaaa, but you still have leftovers for tomorrow, it’s the greatest! Yeah, even me, exercise maniac, watches what she eats. Best to you in this adventure, I will be following as you progress!

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