Post holidays…

Posted: July 6, 2010 in Earl of Bunion, home improvement, Weight loss

Good morning campers!

Well, the middle installment of the so-called summer holidays is gone. Time to go back to work. Oh, wait. I don’t have to go back to work until next month. My employer offers what are called Voluntary Temporary Layoffs. Basically, I get a month off, collect unemployment and get to go back to work next month. The company even pays my health insurance. Not a bad gig. Gives me time to do some work on the house, decompress, and fight the food demons.

I was hesitant to take my layoff. I was afraid that I would be tempted to eat the lining off the fridge. After one day, I’m glad to say I didn’t. It wasn’t a great food day, but wasn’t bad, either. I also have taken two days off from walking to give a persistent blister a chance to heal up. One of the downsides (and there are many) to being diabetic is that any wounds to your feet have to be taken seriously. Otherwise you end up sans feet. That’s the funny thing. Any kind of upper body cut or bruise and it heals like nobody’s business. I managed to Dremel myself while cutting a bolt and that was healed in a week. The blister? Not so much. I figure as long as it will hang around, I should name it. Any suggestions?

It was a busy holiday weekend around the Haus of Thompson. Besides finishing the bar, I replaced the bathroom vanity top on Sunday. I might have mentioned that Mrs. T. likes themed rooms. The bathroom has a rubber ducky theme. The green counter did not go well with rubber duckies. It had to go. So, we found a replacement at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. If you’re doing some home improvements and want quality material at a decent price, check them out. There might be one in your area as well. All profits go to Habitat, which is a favorite charity of mine.

Anyway, I disconnected the plumbing, pulled the top, staggered downstairs while carrying this beast, carried the old one upstairs and ran off to Lowes in search of compression hoses. It turns out that the builder  had the hot and cold feed lines reversed, so I needed longer hoses in order to make the crossover. This builder is apparently the main reason why West Hempfield Township has building codes in place. I could list all the construction issues, but I wouldn’t want to bore anyone. Let’s just say that wherever they could save a buck, they did.

Once I got the new faucet installed (a Moen… the only one still made in the US) I got my capable assistant to guide me in as I placed the top. The drain pipe was a little too long, so I had to break out the hacksaw, but I eventually got it lined up. I connected the plumbing and gave it a whirl. The feed lines were fine, the drain, however, was another story. Water pouring out of seams. I checked all the piping, and tried again. Leaking from a different spot. Again, still another spot. It was about that time when I realized I put the gasket on backwards. Whoops.

Anyway, the job is done, it looks nice, and that ugly green vanity and faucet that I hate are going to the Habitat ReStore today.

Yesterday I managed to add lighting to the bar. I picked up two LED puck lights to help visibility behind the bar. They are supposed to be adhesive, which is great. The only problem is that the adhesive doesn’t like plywood. After some modifications, I’m pleased to say that the lights aren’t going anywhere soon.

Today brings a visit from the in-laws, tomorrow a visit from my mom. I haven’t seen my mom since I started this little journey. Wonder what she will think? I should thank her. She hasn’t harped on me too much over the years about my ever-expanding fuel cell, but I know it concerned her. I just needed to do this at my own pace, on my own schedule.

Since I have a bunch of stuff to accomplish today, I’m going to leave you with something from one of my wife’s heroes:

You must do the thing you think you cannot do. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Today’s weight: 300.1 (guess I do need that walk after all!)

  1. Kristen says:

    How about “GOMF” for “get off my foot”?


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