Wow… just wow.

Posted: July 8, 2010 in family, Weight loss


Wow. Today’s post just isn’t flowing too much. It wasn’t a bad food day, we didn’t do anything really exciting. I guess I will just start and see what winds up on the page.

So, anyone who read yesterday’s post is aware that my mother visited yesterday. That can usually be a great cause of stress in my life. As my wife can vouch, I’m usually pretty laid back, but something about her visits, however infrequent, can usually get me cranked up. I’m never 100% sure why this is.

In the good news department, the visit went well. My heart rate stayed calm and collected. We had lunch and the sewing project I thought I needed her for was superfluous. You see, I need a suit for an upcoming vacation. I have two (I usually only wear them for wedding and funerals), one is bigger than the other. I assumed I would not fit into the smaller suit, as I haven’t worn it for about three years. The bigger suit did not have any buttons to attack suspenders, so I wanted my mom to put buttons on the pants. Before we got started, I said, “Well, let’s see how tight this one is,” meaning my smaller suit. To my shock, it fit. The jacket might even be a little big. I guess I prefer it to be a little loose. Better than being stuffed in there like a giant sausage.

After that happy news, Mom went on to my aunt’s house, where she will be staying a few days. I went back to my CD ripping, because it was too hot to go out and accomplish anything useful. We went out a bit, had to meet up with some friends at BJ’s so they could get a few items, then we went to the beer distributor. Speaking of hot, I was surprised the beer wasn’t boiling. We wound up with a Pete’s Brewer’s Box. Three varieties, Original, Strawberry Blonde and Rally Cap. After a quick stop at Stauffer’s, it was home to chill down the beer, as the first guest of the bar was stopping by that evening after work. Luckily, the beer had chilled enough by the time our guest arrived and a good time was had.

So, my food lesson for today is that spices are free. No, don’t go to the supermarket and abscond with a giant jar of cumin. What I mean is that nutritionally, they don’t really count. So, if you say, “Oh, healthy food is so bland,” spice it up a little bit. With the proper application of spices, you can make any dish interesting, not to mention updating the flavor of an old standby. Be careful, though. Spice should enhance the flavor of what you are eating, not totally obliterate it. If you have something that has a mild flavor, like tilapia, think of it as a blank canvas for your taste buds. Keeping to fish, a fish with stronger flavor, like salmon, doesn’t need much enhancement. When I make salmon, I normally use sea salt, fresh ground pepper and a little olive oil. I then roast the fish on a plank of cedar wood. This gives the fish a wonderful, smoky taste that blends so well with the flavor of salmon.

Yet another food tip involves ground beef. You will always see advertising for 95%, 97%, 98% lean beef. That’s pretty much a crock if you ask me. There’s not a lot of difference between the three, but they will charge you a lot more. Secondly, and this really holds true for grilling, a little extra fat goes a long way. As you grill a burger, the drippings fall away. Most of those drippings are fat and we really don’t want to eat it. However, when the fat cooks out of the meat, it leaves some great juicy flavor behind. So, if you want to be healthy, buy 90% beef. It’s a great compromise between high fat and high price.

So, I wish you the best here on another hot day in the east. I will be helping a friend move on Saturday, so there might not be a new entry. I’ll let you know.

 Today’s weight, 298.4

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