Posted: July 18, 2010 in Cruising, Travel, Weight loss


Hope everyone is staying cool on this warm Sunday. We had a good time here at Chez T last evening. I made one of management’s favorite dinners, zucchini parmigiana, and a friend of ours joined us for dinner, drinks and game time. The zucchini turned out pretty good. I served it with angel hair pasta and red sauce. We accompanied it with a nice salad, garlic bread and a Riesling that I had raved about last week. We went in search of said wine only to find it on clearance at the state store. We wound up buying four bottles and I couldn’t help thinking it fitting that I finally find a wine I actually like and it’s being discontinued in PA. Sigh. After dinner, there was Scrabble. I was outplayed by the management’s English degree and our friend’s journalism degree. Outplayed was a bit generous. I was smoked like a trout. I’ll get my revenge one of these days. Break out the Trivial Pursuit. 

As I write this, the management and I are preparing for our second ever cruise. We had a lovely experience the last time, onboard the Disney Wonder, where we stopped in Nassau and at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.

This time, we’re going on Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas for visits to Key West and Cozumel. We are taking a non-traditional trip, though, as we are taking the Auto Train to Florida. I look forward to talking about our experiences on the train and on the ship in further posts. I think this cruise will prove to be interesting, since both the management and I are striving to lose weight. Maybe a post called Brian vs. the Midnight Buffet? We shall see.

I’ve got to try to steer this blog back toward weight loss. Today, I’m going with walking music. As a former band geek, I still tend to walk in step with whatever music I am listening to. This can work well for walking, if you pick the right music. For as much as you might like an 80’s hair metal power ballad, they have a slow beat that’s not particularly good for walking. By the same token, a high energy dance mix might have to scurrying at a pace you can’t keep up forever. I often will post that “Joe Satriani kicked my ass on my walk today.” (If you want a strenuous pace that you can keep up with, I recommend “Summer Song”) I suggest that if you like to walk to music, make a playlist that has the type of music that you can keep up with, but challenges you. You can easily update your list as your personal pace changes. If you find yourself flagging on a walk, you can focus on the beat and get your feet moving in time with the music.

 Have a great day today!

  1. Kristen says:

    I’m reading them all though I may not always leave a comment 😉


  2. cher says:

    so far the best music i have found to walk/run to is my billboard’s top 100 of each year of the 80s, rob zombie or enter the haggis. murphy’s and mollys work too depending on my mood when i get out of work

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