Doctor doctor…

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Weight loss

This morning was the long (well, a couple of weeks, anyway) awaited appointment with a bariatric physician. I was very nervous going into the appointment. After the consultation, I’ve enhanced my calm.

I had no idea that the process was as involved as it is. They first weighed me on something that looked like a highway scale. I was worried that a semi would be pulling in soon. After that, we were taken to the surgeon’s office for the consultation. Dr. McPhee is a former naval surgeon who has done two Middle Eastern tours. I was impressed with his candor during the consultation. He wasn’t one of these, “Let me carve you up like a piece of meat” surgeons. He was very blunt that they won’t do any surgery on people who don’t make the full commitment to the program, and they won’t rush me into making a decision. Here’s a little intro on Dr. McPhee:

After meeting with him, The Management and I were introduced to Nichole, who will be my case manager. She was very friendly, open and supportive. She revealed to us that she had the surgery four years ago and it has worked for her. I asked if she would do it again, and she said she would, with no hesitation. She explained how the program will work, who I will be seeing, and also what my commitments need to be. I will be getting a psych evaluation, in addition to meeting with a nutritionist and exercise physiologists. They require group sessions in addition to making at least one visit to a support group.

Next step for me is some baseline blood work, followed by an appointment with my primary physician. I will be seeing her every month to monitor my weight. They will also more closely monitor my diabeetus (as Wilford Brimley calls it) (for amusing videos, check out this post.

All in all, I’m really psyched by this. I think this might just be the kick in the butt I need to make a far-reaching life change. I know I can’t continue to walk (waddle) around as Captain Fatass… the self-loathing really takes a lot of energy that could be put to better use. Even if I wind up not opting for surgery, I will still learn lessons on how to eat right and how to exercise. Might make our next visit to the Land of the Mouse into more fun and less World Showcase Death March.

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