We’re livin in gym time…

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Cooking, Exercise, Weight loss

So, I dragged my tubby self out of bed this morning, and after vegging for a few hours, decided to hit the gym. Collected Supportive Partner Woman (sleeper of extraordinary soundness!) and headed off to Hempfield Rec. Decided to follow the cardio routine I’ve been following and started on the treadmill.

treadmill console

What an experience. See, during the two years I didn’t go to the gym, they upgraded the treadmills. Now they have an integrated 15″ display that can be hooked up AS A TV! Not only that, the background image will display the program you are using. If you’re just walking or running, it displays a visual of a stadium track. If you’re doing a different program, it might show your course as applied to a wooded hill and so forth. If you get bored, you can play solitaire on it. No kidding. There was a button marked Games, and since it was a button, I had to push it. Sure enough, there’s solitaire! The goodness doesn’t stop there, either. There’s USB and iPod connectivity, too!

So on the way out of the gym, we noticed they was a baked sale set up in the lobby. WTF? Here are a legion of people trying to get (or stay) in shape and you’re trying to get them to buy baked goods? The prevailing theory is that they are doing it to keep the membership numbers they already have. It was hard, but we escaped the temptation of the soft pretzels and cupcakes.

All in all, an interesting experience today. I managed to bookend the gym trip with two decent meals. For breakfast, I made a 2 egg omelet (one whole egg, one egg’s worth of All Whites) that I put in a wheat tortilla, and I also made some of the dreaded turkey bacon. My only tip for that is to make sure you don’t overcook it. It was better the second time around as I didn’t cook it as long.

After the gym, I fixed a turkey and cheese sandwich with a little Olivio. Instead of regular bread, I used a whole wheat sandwich thin and I added a couple of Mt. Olive no sugar added pickles, which I was surprised to find were a zero-calorie food. Who would’ve thought?

So, that’s the report from Cow Country today. The usually visit tomorrow morning with Cory and Ryan and a group session on Friday. There should be a weigh in at that point, so I hope to have good news to share.

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