Managing expectations

Posted: July 18, 2012 in diabetes, Doctors and Dentists and Nurses... oh my!, Weight loss

Last Friday, I wrote about my disappointment with my results on the scale. I thought I had lost a lot more than the numbers showed. I was pretty disappointed by this, but after reading the supportive comments, I realized that weight ain’t nuthin’ but a number. So, I accepted the three-pound loss and moved on.

Today I had an appointment with Rachel Ho, CRNP, or as Supportive Partner Woman (brave little toaster!) and I refer to her, East Coast Jeanine. I really have a ton of respect for her. Her tableside manner does not brook any argument, but she’s as supportive and caring as any health care provider I’ve ever had. She told us up front that when she was working in the hospital, they called her the Dictator and the Sergeant. I can certainly respect that.

Upon our arrival, the nurse, Mike, took me back to the livestock scale to get weighed in. The scale was bouncing around for whatever reason, but settled on 360.8. On Friday, it was 365.5. So, in 5 days, I lost another five pounds. Woot! Not only that, she was very pleased with my blood glucose log for the month. In fact, she seemed pretty giddy about it. I’m due to get another hemoglobin A1C test and she thinks I’ll be in line with what they want.

Not only is the weight down and the sugars are leveling out, they always take your blood pressure and pulse. My first visit with her, my resting pulse was 82. Today, it was 68. Blood pressure is coming together nicely as well. Systolic was a little high, at 140, but diastolic was 80. Not sure how much is due to white coat syndrome, which I get  like crazy. Usually after talking with Rachel, she will take the BP again and get one that’s right in line.

Fresh cut corn chowder

I even got up early and got to Hempfield Rec this morning to get some cardio in. I did 35 minutes between the treadmill and arc trainer and worked out my legs. We don’t do a lot of lower body stuff with Ryan and Cory, so I’ve taken to working those when I’m on my own. Apparently you shouldn’t work the same muscles every day.

All in all, a good day. After it was over, SPW (STILL the bestest wife in the world) and I paid a visit to the library. Me to pick up a book, SPW (library felon!) to pay a fine. Followed that up with a visit to Isaac’s for a combo. We both ended up with the Finch sandwich (turkey, bacon and Muenster on pumpernickel) and a cup of the Fresh Cut Corn Chowder, which is made from locally grown corn and is yummy. Didn’t even mess up my blood glucose reading, as I ordered the mayo on the side and just spread a taste on the bread.

All in all, a pretty good Wednesday. Have a butt-kicking tomorrow and an appointment with Shauna (dietitian) next week.

Thank you for reading and for all the support. It is greatly appreciated!

  1. lambsauce says:

    You’re doing amazing!

  2. awkwardsilence82 says:

    Corn chowder is probably my favorite of the chowder family. That looks real good.

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