Confessions of a newly converted Whovian

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Doctor Who, Supportive Partner Woman

Hi everyone. My name is Brian and I am a Whovian.

Hi Brian!

Looks like someone who auditioned for the role of annoying robot in Buck Rogers

I didn’t intend to be a Whovian. My original impression of the cult British television series was one of disdain. The effects were cheesy, and for some reason everyone reminded me of David Bowie in the Ziggy Stardust years. It was basically stuff I saw while channel surfing my way over to something else. Something where you couldn’t see the wires holding up the pie plate that was doubling as an alien spacecraft.

Tell us more, Brian

Anyway, I met Supportive Partner Woman (not quite SPW at that time!) and over the years we’ve been together, she’s always been keen on the Doctor. That was one of the first shows to be added to the Netflix queue. I’ve normally left her to her devices to watch it, but she really got into about the time of the most recent reboot. She would tell me how well done it was and I’d let it go by, never quite able to dispel the image of the bad 70’s effects.

Go on…

Anyway, we get to 2012 and SPW (woman of eclectic taste!) was telling me the tale of the Doctor Who-themed bar in New York called The Way Station. For whatever reason, maybe it’s my love of Disney, I appreciate theming. I like when a place goes the extra mile to really immerse you in the environment… not just hang a bunch of crap on the wall and call it flair. So, I looked up the bar and was reading about it and thought, well, maybe it’s not that bad of a show. I’ll give it a try one of these days.


I finally started to watch the new series about the time of the season premiere. I’m currently almost all the way through the fourth season. Watching it on Netflix has been great, as I can stream it on a computer or Apple TV or Roku or iPad. I’ve even been known to stream to the phone (screen is small, Retina display is nice). I have a few observations… Through two Doctors and three Companions, my favorites are David Tennant as the Doctor and a toss-up between Rose Tyler and Martha Jones as the Companion. I’m not a huge Donna Noble fan… she grates on me and I find Catherine Tate’s portrayal to be very shrill. That being said, it’s well-acted, just not my favorite.

So, Brian… anything else to add?

Cute little creatures made of fat

Well, after watching 55 episodes (or 56… not 100% sure), I can say that this is a far cry from the cheese I remember growing up. I look forward to watching the rest of the episodes and waiting for more. See, I’m thoroughly hooked now. I look forward to getting a dose every day… to seeing when the Daleks or Cybermen or Weeping Angels turn up next (as an aside, the Weeping Angels freak me out the most). The effects are amazing, the writing is mostly sharp, and the acting is first-rate. There’s lighthearted moments, such as the Adipose episode, and some of the interplay between the Doctor and his Companion is hysterical. As SPW (lover of film and television!) says, “It’s about time I hooked you on a show rather than vice-versa.”

That’s all I have… but I’m determined to cope with my condition. Thanks for listening.


Song of the Day: Nights are Forever Without You – England Dan & John Ford Coley

Currently reading: Zoo – James Patterson


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