Monday Monday…

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Exercise

or as I call it, Day 6.

Yup. Made it 6 days in a row. Since I have an appointment tomorrow morning, let’s just say it’s seven days since I’m not going to miss it.

I honestly thought I’d give up by now. Seems to be a track record. Be all gung ho for a few days, then, well, not so much. I’m like the kid on Christmas who winds up playing with the empty box. It’s probably a symptom of my “Ooooh! Shiny!” syndrome, but it can really be annoying. Well, maybe not annoying, but disheartening. To know you want to accomplish something, then just losing interest in it for no reason.

Guess that’s why I’m glad that I’ve stuck with my plan for the operation as long as I have. There have certainly been hiccups along the way, and I’m sure there will be more of them. I’ll get by. Somehow I usually do.

  1. April Baker says:

    Yay Brian! Go Brian! Hooray! (I never was very good at cheerleading, but the heart is there!)

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