At last… I got to break a sweat!

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Bariatric surgery, Digestive issues, Exercise, Foot issues, Physical activity, Weight loss

I did! I did!

See, I had my follow up with the surgeon yesterday and I was cleared to move on to more real foods and also to go back to working out. So, even with the Boot of Shame, I still managed to get some decent cardio in and also lift weights for the first time in three weeks.

It. Was. Awesome.

I had an appointment with the boys this afternoon, so when they heard about the Boot, they sat me down on the X Ride and had me do 30:30’s. That’s 30 seconds flat out, 30 seconds slow, repeat 5 times, rest for three minutes and do it again. I couldn’t do my usual level (12) but did manage to do Level 10. It’s a start. After that, weights. Not lifting for weeks will certainly make you hurt a bit… and I’m paying for it. I know I’ve said it before, but once you get started with exercise and develop the habit, well, it kind of sucks when you can’t do it. I guess I will go to the Rec tomorrow and see what I can do other than the bike. I hate the bike. If it wasn’t because of the toe, I would take the chance to hop in the pool. I know that kind of all over workout with low impact will do wonders for me.

The weight… came in at 332 this afternoon. I’m anxious to see what regular workouts do for it.

Speaking of changes, I tried an egg again today. This time it stayed down. Maybe the egg white was just too much protein or something, but a regular egg, scrambled went quite well for breakfast.

The foot issue has me taking oral antibiotics. That’s all fine, except that they come in capsule form and capsules don’t work to well with Joe (the pouch). So, I have to open the capsule, sprinkle the contents in some applesauce and choke it down that way. It’s really gross and now I understand why they don’t market chewable Keflex. Just 500 mg of this stuff can turn a sweet applesauce into the taste equivalent of wallpaper glue. I don’t recommend that.

At any rate, I’m going to call it a night. Tomorrow I think I might take on the boredom that accompanies recuperation.

Talk to you soon!

Song of the Day: Cult of Personality – Living Colour

  1. It’s exciting for me to read about your progress! I can only imagine how it feels for you 🙂

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