Run horse, run!

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s another Monday after the Preakness, and I can safely announce that I didn’t win. I know… big surprise there.

It was a good weekend, though… full of friends, family and food, although not as much food as usual. The weekend commenced with our usual trip to South Jersey. It’s always an adventure, what with us usually trying to avoid traffic by taking the Burlington-Bristol Bridge over the Delaware River. I hate this bridge. It’s a lift bridge that is simply too damned narrow. It’s a lot better crossing it with the Honda rather than the big 15-passenger van I used to have to drive to Pimlico, but I still don’t like it.

We arrived at my sister-in-law’s place and the party commenced. Their house is the primary gathering point and there is much pre-race drinking and dinner, not to mention, prep of the Giant Preakness Mobile Buffet. I managed to even have my first piece of red meat since my operation and it stayed down. This makes me happy… I’m not a huge red meat eater, but I do enjoy a burger or steak from time to time. I’ll probably switch more to turkey burgers, but it would be nice to enjoy a treat from time to time.

Saturday saw us arrive at Pimlico before the first race, which is something of a rarity. I lost a couple of bets, then won one which brought me back to even keel. I lost on the Preakness, thanks to Orb doing an epic choke job. So, all in all, I ended the day down around $18. Not too bad for a day’s worth of gambling.

Most of the story is usually about the camaraderie that goes along with the day… there’s plenty of laughs and good times. I even managed to avoid the barfs for most of the day. Until the end, when I had some turkey and ate it a little too fast. I get what they were saying in support group and in class regarding how easy it is to lose track of your pace when you’re eating in social situations. I have to keep better track of how quickly I’m eating to avoid messiness in the future.

Yesterday was a fun day. Supportive Partner Woman and I left Jersey and headed back around 1:30. After the obligatory traffic snarls on the Schuylkill, we swung by the Lego Store at King of Prussia Mall to pick up some of the new minifigure series, then went to Wegman’s, because, well, we were driving by and had to stop… it’s the law. We actually didn’t do too much damage at Wegman’s, for a change. Headed home, put the cold stuff in the fridge, then went to the movies to (finally) see Iron Man 3. It was pretty enjoyable and we both had fun.

In the other good news, it seems that the Toe. That/ Will. Not. Heal. is in fact healing. It has a nice scab on it, and with any luck, I’ll be out of the Boot of Shame by this time tomorrow. If that’s the case, look out gym. Brian’s going to be back.

Going to wrap this up… paying a visit to the Friends of the Library book sale.

I’ll leave you with a photo from Saturday. As you can see, we have some pretty good seats.



  1. Kurt Smith says:

    Brian, Brian, Brian…the Burlington Bristol Bridge is the Ultimate Driving Challenge! Not just maneuvering your car in a space that is just as wide, but also managing the gripping fear that it’s going to fall apart any second!

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