The word of the day is “Whoops”

Posted: June 7, 2013 in 5K, Cooking, Exercise, Physical activity, Supportive Partner Woman, Walking

Anyone remember that time I was at the gym?

That time when I fell off the treadmill?

Didn’t think so, unless you were there this morning.

See, I was actually done with my workout. I had grabbed a cloth to wipe it down because that’s how I roll. I went to step off the treadmill (and you must know that I am always scared I’ll lose my balance, so I grab the rail to steady myself) and I managed to have my steadying hand slip and I collapsed in a heap. It wasn’t as “graceful” as in in the following video, but it was pretty embarrassing.


I’m going to have a pretty colorful bruise on my right hip, I should think… that’s pretty much the extent of my injury, other than the wounded pride.

So, yes… the word of the day is “whoops”.

In the good news, I managed to do my walk (before my tumble) at a 15:45 pace. Now if I could maintain that for 13.1 miles, I could do a Disney half-marathon, staying barely ahead of the sweep van. I’m not seeing that happen any time soon, though. I still have a long way to go yo just worry about the 5K.

I also managed to mix four batches of chocolate chip cookie dough. I’m now praying the weather holds out so the dreaded yard sale goes off as planned. I have cookies, brownies, water and Supportive Partner Woman (Excellent baker in her own right!) is planning on baking cupcakes. All we need is good weather and hungry customers. I would love to raise a nice chunk of change for Team All Ears, so keep your fingers crossed.

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