The Bucket List

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Been thinking a lot lately about what I’d lie to accomplish in my life.

See, I’m kind of what you’d call an underachiever.

I always thought I’d accomplish great things, then I just kind of realized that’s kind of out of the question. I’m too ADD to focus long enough on one thing to make a difference. I guess I could point to my 1,327-201-66 Sporcle record as an achievement, but I think that just means I have way too much brain sludge.

I was recently reading a friends blog and she posted her life list. She’s going through a tough time, medically speaking, and just reading it inspired me to create my own. Just know that these are not in any order… they are numbered to make counting easier.

So, without further ado, I present my bucket list:

  1. Visit Antarctica to see penguins in the wild
  2. Get to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
  3. Drive cross country, stopping in every little dinky tourist joint to see that giant ball of twine or whatever else said town is noted for
  4. See the aurora borealis
  5. See a baseball game at every major league ballpark
  6. Travel across the US by train
  7. Go to culinary school
  8. Transit the Panama Canal
  9. See the Holy Land
  10. Go dogsledding
  11. Tour the Lego factory in Denmark
  12. Be a better friend/spouse
  13. Go to an Olympic games (preferably winter… I like hockey)
  14. Go to a Formula One race
  15. Return to the Hotel del Coronado for longer than one night
  16. Visit Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disney
  17. Visit Disneyland
  18. Run a half-marathon
  19. Attend San Diego ComicCon
  20. Rebuild an engine
  21. Tour the Boeing plant
  22. Learn to fly
  23. Go deep sea fishing

I know, it’s nothing earth-shattering and it is subject to change. If it didn’t change, well, it wouldn’t be me.


  1. Kurt Smith says:

    I’d focus on #5 first. The rest of them are “nice-to-haves”. 🙂

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