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This just in… a giant legume has appeared in Chicago and is threatening to take over unless it is allowed to vote for Mayor Daley at least eight times. This highly reflective bean is currently ensconced in Millennium Park and was brought to my attention by avid reader Kristen.

Seriously, the giant legume is in fact a public outdoor sculpture called Cloud Gate by British sculptor Anish Kapoor. It might be a nice title and I’m sure the artist can explain his vision for a giant metal bean most eloquently. The fact remains that this looks like a highly polished, giant metal BEAN!  Let’s compare and contrast this with other notable sculptures.

While I can see the appeal of the bean’s ginormous size and the perfectly polished exterior, it doesn’t quite hold a candle to the other two examples, in this blogger’s humble opinion.

That being said, I think it’s time to move on to the meat of the day’s post.

Brian stumbles part way off the wagon.

Yesterday was not a good food day. I could make all sorts of excuses, but the bottom line is that no one took me to the fridge and forced me to eat the better part of a half-pound of cheese. Cheese is one of my big weaknesses. Muenster is probably my favorite cheese. I came home from the Country Store with the enemy in the bag. I put a couple of slices on a sandwich for lunch, and as the day progressed, I’d swing by the fridge and have another slice or two. Before I realized what had happened, most of that cheese was gone and I was feeling pretty pissed off at myself. This inevitably causes the gradual decline and the weight soars back up.

Not this time.

I talked a few entries ago about dealing with mistakes and moving on. It’s time to practice what I preach. I’m not going to let the fact that I ate too much Muenster cheese stop me from reaching my goal. I’m stronger than that. I’m also not going to allow my mind to give up on all the other progress I’ve made. This is a journey, not just to losing weight, but a journey to self-acceptance. I’m not going to change to be who everybody thinks I need to be… it’s hard to maintain that facade all the time.

Today starts a new phase. Getting back on track after a minor setback should prove to be within my capabilities. I know I can get back to it.

After the food debacle yesterday, I felt a drink was in order. I met up with friends Jed and Maureen, as well as Mrs. T. and enjoyed a very tasty Troegs Sunshine Pils at Annie Bailey’s. Only one, as they gave me the depth charge sized beer schooner and then the rains came. But, it’s a Friday and the weekend is coming. On tap for me? I will be helping a friend move tomorrow morning, after which I get to display some culinary skills. I will be making pasta ponza. I know, pasta’s not the best thing for a diet, but it’s not necessarily bad in moderation. I will discuss how the recipe turned out in a later post.

Today’s weight: 300.6 (cheese is not my friend)