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So, 2014 has arrived. In just four days, I’ll be in Walt Disney World to participate in my first 5K.

It’s a big deal.

After all the time I’ve spent in the gym and on the trail, me and 20,000 others will invade Epcot early Thursday morning.

How did I get here?

Well, if you’ve been following this blog at all, 2013 was a busy year.

As it is a new year, though, many changes are afoot. I’ve been following the Penn State coaching search pretty closely, especially since Supportive Partner Woman (Sports editor extraordinaire!) has had to stay on top of it. One of the best tweets I’ve seen in regards to coaching searches is this one:

At any rate, I’m also pleased to report that my team has made its fundraising goal for the Avon Walk. If you’ve thought about contributing, please go to the main team page and look for someone with under $500. This will help them reach their goal as you have helped me. There are so many wonderful, supportive people on the team that I’m just thrilled to get the chance to meet them and compete with them. I hope that you can find a way to help.

Speaking of competing, co-captain Mike has informed me that the likelihood of actually running any of the 5K is probably not good, given the amount of people registered and the narrow course. That being said, I intend on at least running across the finish line, somehow. I also am looking forward to meeting other listeners of the Mickey Miles podcast… should be fun!

Other new things that are being tried this trip include flying out of Wilmington, Delaware aboard Frontier Airlines. I’ve never flown them, although I love the commercials, and I didn’t even know Wilmington HAD commercial air service.

At any rate, I hope to report back on a successful debut in the next week.

Wishing you all the best for 2014!

Happy Monday. OK, maybe not quite happy.

As I write this, I’m waiting to see what penalties the NCAA will hand down to Penn State. As an alum, it’s been a rough couple of months and while I’m not quite ready to add my $0.02 to the piling on, I will at some point. My only comment for the moment is that I find it incredibly ironic that an organization as morally bereft as the NCAA sees fit to pass a moral judgement on anyone or anything. That’s like having Ted Bundy sitting on the Supreme Court and weighing in on the eighth amendment.

So, moving on to the meat of the day’s post, it should prove to be an interesting day.


I woke up with an incredibly stiff back and while my ankles have stopped hurting, my hips are aching like crazy and I have my Monday morning ass-kicking to contend with. Post ass-kicking, it’s time to visit Dr. Doogie the dentist to get work done on both sides of my upper teeth. I should be slurring and drooling like crazy.

It would be so easy to call in and say I’m going to cancel the days appointment. So incredibly easy. But I can’t. I’ve come this far and I can’t do that because I’ve spent a lot of years quitting when it got too hard. I tend to take the easy way out a lot… I’m always looking for ways to make life a little easier and I can get very pissy when it’s not. I guess I’m a lazy bones at heart. But lately that’s changed. Even yesterday, as much as it hurt to get moving, I did. Maybe I didn’t go for a walk or anything like that, but I did SOMETHING. I made a big batch of chili for the week and made dinner for Supportive Partner Woman (eater of zucchini). My outlook now is not as lazy but more determination to succeed and get to my goals. I’ve actually felt more like I’m giving my body parts the Knute Rockne speech.

 we’re gonna get ‘em on the run, we’re gonna go, go, go, go! — and we  aren’t going to stop until we go over that goal line! And don’t forget,  men — today is the day we’re gonna win.

For whatever reason that speech has stuck with me ever since the first time I watched Rudy;

There is a goal line ahead of me… it’s going to be a long drive, but I have the clock on my side and one helluva team. Thy are the ones who make it possible. It is kind of like a football team when you think about it. The medical staff is the coach, they show me how to do it, my family and friends are my teammates and you, the readers, are the cheerleaders and fans, offering all that support that makes it possible to succeed.

It’s first and 10, folks… and the first play is to get to the gym.

We’ll huddle up afterward.