Friday, I’m in Love…

Posted: July 2, 2010 in home improvement, regrets, Weight loss

Today’s title comes from The Cure. So, thanks, Robert Smith & company. It really is a good song, one that was a staple during my college radio days.

So, allow me to start today’s entry by saying that an important milestone was reached. I am pleased to announce that major construction is done on the bar. I fully expect to be moving the base to the rec room today and marrying it to the bar top, which has been languishing in the basement for a couple of weeks. Keep tuned to my Facebook page for picture updates.

When I say major construction is done, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of little things to be done. For example, I still need to attach the trim and mount the shelves, not to mention all the other little finishing items. It’s true what they say about home ownership. Your work is never really done.

Moving right along, we will move into today’s topic.


Guilt is everywhere you look, my friends. Whether you feel guilty because you stole a candy bar from the mini mart when you were eight or you feel guilty because you gorged on cake rather than something a little healthier. It’s pretty natural to feel guilt or regret over your actions. If you beat yourself up incessantly for every little mistake that you make, well, you’re going to spend an awful lot of time beating yourself up because we all make a lot of mistakes.

Football coaches will say that “a good quarterback has a short memory.” This is pretty true… if the QB kept dredging up every interception he threw, we wouldn’t see much scoring. We all need to have short memories when it comes to our mistakes, at least in the food intake area. If you eat a piece of cake, you ate a piece of cake. It’s not the end of the world. It’s a piece of cake. The key is not to make mistakes all of the time.

One other consequence of guilt is the associated feelings of helplessness and depression, which often lead people to overeat. For many of us, we find solace in food. I know I do. Problems with your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other? Let’s send out for a pizza! In my case, it usually was a pizza. A whole, large pizza. With extra cheese. Consumed while I was sitting in front of the tube feeling sorry for myself. It tasted damn good. But then the guilt creeps in and you feel even worse and order another pizza and eat it and then another pizza and this time let’s get some chicken wings and a whole package of Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies and I’ll also drink real Coke not that diet crap because it’s all messed up and my life is messed up and then I’ll just stay inside because I’m fat and I don’t want anyone to see that I’ve gotten even fatter and maybe I’ll just start trying again next week but in the meantime pizza!

I’ve been there, friends, looked over the precipice and I’m coming back. Who’s with me?

Today’s weight: 302.8

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