The dreaded yard sale, part deux

Posted: July 3, 2010 in Weight loss, Yard sale

Mellow greetings!

I write to you this fine morning from Blandon, PA. This is the home of the extended family of The Management. It is also the site of the annual “Out with the old, in with the cash” yard sale.

It’s not a bad setting. It’s right on 222 and this is the opening day of the Kutztown Folk Festival. That equals pretty good traffic.

I always like yard sales for one specific reason… the people watching is unrivaled. Seriously. Where else can you see such unbridled cheapness? I often say to Mrs. T. that I am tempted to charge one pubic hair for something, just so I can hear another human being say, “Will you take half a pubic hair for that?” I like a bargain as much as the next person, but shopping someone else’s castoffs is not a license to be shameless. Be fair.

So, what to talk about today? How about yesterday? I finished moving the bar to the basement and attaching the top. It looks pretty snazzy. However, as some of you have commented, I was not in a good place yesterday. So, if it seemed like my heart wasn’t in to writing, it really wasn’t. I’ll try to do better today.

Getting back to the bar, I made a pretty stupid, amateur mistake that I was pretty annoyed about. I assumed that each side of the base was the same size. That was not the case, ergo, I cut the shelves all to the short side. Grrrr.

Looking back, it was probably because I was distracted. There are some big changes afoot, and I’m sure that’s been weighing on my mind. The point I am trying to make is that whatever you’re doing, focus. If you pay attention, you make less mistakes. This goes with weight loss. If you pay attention to what you’re putting in your mouth, losing the weight will be that much easier. Not necessarily counting calories alone, but knowing that what you’re eating has benefits for you. For example, eating fish that has Omega3, eating veggies for the vitamins and minerals. Avoiding a lot of carbs and sugars. There’s useful information on the label. Check it out! You can make exceptions, though, as I did last night with new pretzel M&M’s. Those things were GOOD!

As I’m typing this on my iPhone, I’m going to cut this a little short. I might have more to add later, depending, but I will leave you with the following: To all of our friends traveling this holiday weekend, travel safely. If you’re headed to the shore, wear sunscreen and if you’re going elsewhere in the proximity of quality beer, drink one for me.

Today’s weight is undetermined. I feel a bit lighter, though.


  1. cher says:

    still looks good B! so, when can i get you to come over and finish my bathroom for me?

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