A short one…

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Weight loss

Hey everyone.

Sorry I kind of lost the magic. I’ve been meaning to write something particularly insightful and witty, alas, those skills have seemingly deserted me. Sigh.

Just a quick note, however… I’ve been backsliding terribly and while I primarily do this for me, I’m sure I’ve let others down. This week I’m going to try to get back on the horse. We shall see how it goes.

One more quick point, it’s hard to remain positive about something like weight loss when you dread your everyday circumstances. I have been having a hard time dealing with what’s on my psychological plate here of late (job issues, separation, etc.) and as a result, I’ve been feeling incredibly apathetic and despondent. Not to worry… I will work myself out of it, but just make sure that you treasure your friends and family. Life is too short for the petty crap that consumes our lives. I used to think it was OK to be a loner. I found myself to be good company. Now? Not really. So, if you’ve been out of touch with a friend or family, reach out. Even a short email or text saying, “What’s new” can do wonders. If you’ve had a spat with a family member, get over it. If you don’t and one day that brother, sister, mom, dad, etc. is gone, you’re going to regret it. If your brother broke your favorite toy when you were 8, deal with it. There are far more tragic things happening in the world.

Let’s face it… all you really have are your family and friends. All those possessions you profess to love aren’t going to love you back. So, tell your spouse you love him/her; when next you call your mom, tell her you love her. If you’re talking to your friend, tell him/her you love them. No shame in showing your feelings. You’re not going to be less of a manly man for telling your mom you love her, or even your dad. It’s okay to love someone in a non-romantic way. When next you see an old friend, greet them with a hug. Even the man hug is acceptable.

Anyways, I’m signing off for now. Hope it won’t be so long before the next entry.

  1. Kristen says:

    You made me cry… in a good way. You are loved, I am loved, we are loved and should make are love known… love it.


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