Another Monday, another butt kicking

Posted: July 2, 2012 in Cooking, Physical activity, Weight loss

It’s Monday… and it’ll be a hot one. I spent an hour this morning getting my butt kicked at the gym. This time, Ryan took the reins and added some new stuff into the mix. We added the elliptical and the arc trainer, as well as some free weights. It certainly was a decent sweat. They are also very mindful of any issues you may have. It really helps to know that there’s a pro in your corner.

See, besides The Beetus, sleep apnea and a host of other aches and pains, I suffered a partial tear of my right rotator cuff a few years ago. This makes working overhead a real challenge and it’s only recently that it’s healed up enough for me to do any work with it. I’m gradually regaining some range of motion, but I do not have much strength in the joint. Knowing that, both Ryan and Cory are having me do light weights and are modifying the exercise as to not aggravate the injury. I’m really thrilled with being able to work out again… it’s even better that this isn’t a public gym. I need to get some of my confidence back before I darken the doorway of Hempfield Rec again.

I also managed to make my way back to the driving range last night. I went as the sun was setting, which meant it was a little cooler, and there was a nice breeze blowing. No, not enough to improve the quality of my shots, but enough to make for a pleasant evening. The slight reduction in the general size of the Buddha has improved the experience. No longer do I feel like I have to alter my swing to avoid brushing the belly. Also, the shoulder is feeling a lot better when I swing a club. I’m not a golfer, hardly even a duffer, but I do enjoy hitting golf balls. It’s enough to really help clear my head.

Before setting off to the range yesterday, I made some dinner. I plank grilled the sockeye we got at Wegman’s, along with some Ronzoni Smart Taste noodles and broccoli. The Smart Taste was recommended to us by the nutritionists at LGH when I was in for my toe. It’s a regular white pasta with extra fiber and calcium. That means it has decent flavor and doesn’t taste like cardboard, as many whole wheat pastas do. For a topping, I added Olivio instead of butter. I find I like the flavor and you get the added benefits of Omega-3. The sockeye was wonderful. If you ever feel the need to make your own, it’s really easy and can be done inside or out.

1) Get ahold of some cedar planks. Many grocery stores sell them, as do Williams-Sonoma and other kitchen supply houses.

2) If planning on grilling, soak the plank. I usually immerse it in a salt brine bath for around four hours. This allows the wood to smoke and release the flavor without igniting the plank. If using the oven, rub the plank with olive oil.

3) Start grill, set for a medium heat or set the oven for 400 degrees.

4) Once grill has preheated, place the plank on the grill, without the salmon. After a few minutes the plank has stabilized and you can place the fish on the plank. If using the oven, just put your fish on the plank and stick it in. I usually place foil on the over bottom as the fats will drip off the plank.

5) Keep an eye on internal temperature. Once your fish reaches around 120 degrees, it’s time to remove it from the heat. Let it rest a few minutes before serving.

I didn’t give any prep instructions for the fish, but any light preparation should work. I usually spray it with some olive oil and season with a touch of sea salt and fresh ground pepper. I find you get a pleasant smokey taste that complements rather than overwhelms the flavor of the salmon. Also, when buying salmon, wild caught usually has far better color and taste than farm raised, and they don’t add color to it.

So, off to work in a couple of hours, with a nice break in the middle of the week for the Independence Day holiday. If you’re attending any parties, drink responsibly (and eat responsibly, too).

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