100 posts… whoda thunk it?

Posted: July 30, 2012 in friends

100 posts! Thank you!

Yes, this marks my 100th post. I started this blog a little over two years ago, and after a few good months, it slid. Then it went away for about a year. I decided to refocus on it when I realized how much better the weight loss struggle went when I put it out there for the world to see.

It’s more than that, however. I have gotten so much feedback and support from you, the readers, that I’m dedicating post #100 to you. I knew that the site was getting views… there are a few comments here and there, some likes on my posts. The real clincher is when someone I know comes up out of the blue and tells me they have been reading and enjoying what I post. Or, someone drops a Facebook message to tell me to keep it up, or that I’ve inspired them to make some positive changes in their lives.


I never dreamed I would have this kind of an impact, nor have I ever sought to be a role model, other than maybe as the poster child for what not to eat. But to be a positive inspiration to folks, friends and strangers alike, is humbling. Truth is, it’s YOU who inspire ME. I wouldn’t be anything other than a fat guy bemoaning my lot in life if it wasn’t for you. Are there days I don’t want to go to the gym, or days I want nothing more than a giant cheesesteak with a steamer trunk full of fries on the side? Yup. But knowing I’ve been setting an example makes me put down the hoagie and take a walk, or to ignore the vending machines (not all that hard ignoring the Wheel of Death) and do something different, something productive. When I don’t feel like eating right, I see Supportive Partner Woman (still The Management!) and think that I need to be around for her, and I make a better choice. When I don’t feel like hitting the gym, I see a good friend who is making some changes, despite some nagging medical issues, and I go to the gym because someone else is doing it.

Seriously, folks… I’m doing this for me, but you make me want to keep doing it. I know there are people out there reading this who are bigger than me, smaller than me, shorter, taller, lighter, darker, etc. It comes down to making a choice. Do you make changes or don’t you? If you decide to let someone else make that determination, you’re still choosing. Neal Peart said it best in Freewill with the following:

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice

So, I’m choosing this post to say thank you to everyone who’s supported me in this quest. Even if I never met you, you give me the energy and the motivation to keep going. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring, but you’ve given me the strength to face it that I wouldn’t otherwise possess.

Thank you for that gift.

I know I’ve had a lot of self-doubt this past week… life getting in the way and all that rubbish. I’m not giving up. I can do stuff that would drive other people insane… using a pair of tweezers to place sprinkles on cookies at Christmas (ask my mother) just to make sure that all the proper cutout indentations are filled in. Why do I do that? I don’t know, but I’ve done it for years. I’ll do this, too. I have a lot to live for… even if it took me 40 years to realize that.

Let’s get through the next 100 posts together, shall we?

  1. awkwardsilence82 says:

    Well done, sir! Congrats on the milestone. Your posts have definitely inspired me and made me want to work hard on my own war on weight. And even more than that, to just write – whether it be about video games, weight loss, or random thoughts. Your posts are awesome, just like your progress thus far. I’m with you for another 100.

    • nightfly27 says:

      Thank you sir… I’ve found the writing, regardless of topic, to be a great way of relieving my general stress. You, too, have had excellent posts… keep it coming.

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