Russian spam?

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Exercise, Weight loss

No, I’m not referring to the “tasty” meat-like stuff manufactured by Hormel… I’m talking about the spam comments I get on this blog. Thankfully, Akismet filters most of them out, but these comments are written in Cyrillic. I also like when you get a seemingly legitimate comment that when you hover over the web address it’s some kind of currency exchange. I’d really like to meet the people who fall for this stuff. It’s like the one time I got a spam email allegedly from my bank. Except they spelled “bank” wrong. I mean if you want to spam somebody, take the time to learn English.

Enough about spam… we are back on the normal trail, finally. Successful sessions at the gym with Ryan the past couple of days. Even started doing some hamstring curls that didn’t feel too bad. Until I got up this morning. Ouch. I still hurt, but as soon as Supportive Partner Woman (making like Julia Child!) gets ready, we’re headed to Hempfield Rec.

It was an early morning for me. I had to get blood work done and I had to fast. When fasting, the sooner the blood is drawn, the better. I was actually pretty hungry by the time I got home, so I had cereal and milk, with a sliced banana. It really went down well. I took a bit of a nap while watching Storage Wars On Demand. No biggie. I probably missed Barry bidding too much for something of dubious value and Dave being a general jackass.

SO, not much to report other than that. Hope everyone’s having a great day!

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