Free Saturdays

Posted: November 3, 2012 in family, Weather

This will be a short post… Just want to keep my streak going. I’m trying to post something every day in November.

Wound up having today off. Not a bad deal, but I was actually hoping to work today. Extra overtime is always a good thing. Alas, the employer saw clear to say ixnay on the orkway.

So, Supportive Partner Woman (survivor of the dog and pony show!) and I headed to our ancestral stomping grounds of Berks County, PA. Dropped her to visit her parents and I went to my mother’s house to do my good deed for the day and take out her window screens. That’s all of abut 20 minutes of actual work, so I took the time to BS with her before fetching SPW and taking her to work. I also managed to move some stuff down to the Nerd Lair that’s been hanging around the hallway for a year. I need to be better on taking care of that stuff.

Only downside is I somehow came down with a headache the approximate size of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Took a nap, but it’s still lingering.

So there… My day in a nutshell. I didn’t do a lot, but never underestimate the value of seeing the family.

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