Another Friday, another post

Posted: November 2, 2012 in Bariatric surgery, Exercise, Gratuitously Naked Guy, Physical activity, Weight loss

So, I made it back for a regular gym session this afternoon. It was good. Very good. I also made my long-awaited return to the treadmill. I didn’t kill it… I’m way out of practice. I managed 2.8 mph for 18 minutes. Not bad, seeing as I haven’t been on it since the last time Stubby misbehaved. I hope to add to the time and speed in the coming days. I have another vacation to get ready for.

I said it was good. It was, especially after the day I had. I got handed a job that should’ve taken a few minutes to complete. On the surface. Turns out, nothing but problems. I got it done after the time I was supposed to leave and had to bust ass to get to my appointment on time. About the only thing I didn’t encounter to slow me up was an Amish buggy. I hit red lights, pretentious asshats in Beamers, the proverbial driverless Cadillac, and the slow elevator. After that, I was bound and determined to have a good workout.

Sugar was up a little. Who am I kidding? It’s been up. Today was due to stress. Four hours after lunch, it was 164. When I was done, I stuck a 103. I’m good with that. In addition to the treadmill, I did the arc trainer and elliptical. I also did strength, which really isn’t a problem. I always feel good after lifting.

Rather than go right home, I elected to stick around for support group. Apparently, Dr. McPhee is making crab cakes. I love crab cakes, and if they are prepared in a healthy manner, it’s one cake I can still enjoy. I’ll be interested to see the recipe… Always like to get hold of decent recipes. If the cakes are good,I’llqbe sure to pass it along to you.

The group session room is really nice. They have video screens, and a spacious demo kitchen. The meetings usually include a talk by a dietitian or exercise guru, followed by a cooking demo and a chance to talk to others in my predicament. The first one I attended, I had to cut short, as I was due back at work. This time, I took the time to listen and really learned a lot from listening to the various people. Some of what I picked up? Morphine can make you nauseous. The minty protein shakes are pretty tasty and can be gotten cheaper at the doctor’s office than buying online. Oh, and if you play your cards right, you might get the phone number of a hot nurse with a twin sister. Not that I’d need to know that, though. Right, honey?

Honey? (crickets chirping)

I’m sure she just stepped out for a minute. I hope.

One of the highlights of the session is toward the beginning of the meeting. They ring up a success story. Someone shares what their journey has been like, showing before and after pictures and sharing why they started down the road. It’s actually pretty inspiring. They also unveiled the Wall of Fame, where folks who are 1 year post op have their before and after photos posted. Amazing stuff.

So, anyway… it’s Friday now and I’ve got a full day of work ahead of me and very little time to sleep. I’m also scheduled to work Saturday. My wallet likes those Saturdays, but my mind usually doesn’t. I did manage to get the sump pump cover resealed, the dehumidifier running and some stuff put away. I’ll do more tonight. After all, it’s like weight loss… doesn’t happen overnight. I also think that I’ll try to get to the rec after work… Gratuitously Naked Guy be damned.

Song of the Day: Mexico – Jimmy Buffett

Currently Reading: The Panther – Nelson DeMille

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