OK… Day 14 is in the books. I arrived at 7 for the session with the boys and had surprisingly decent sugar. I had good sugar this morning when I woke up, so I opted for a banana and a protein shake for breakfast. I’m developing a taste for the vanilla cream shakes, which is good, since I’m going to be subsisting on these things for a few weeks. Anyway, my pre-workout sugar reading was 92, which was a little lower than I’m used to. I like to think it’s that the exercise is doing me some good. Post workout, I stuck a 70, which is at the low end of normal for me, but I wasn’t having shakes or sweats, so it’s all good.

Important thing is that I made it 14 straight days. That’s two weeks that I’ve stuck to something. I’m pretty damn pleased with myself, but I’m not giving up. Next stop? 21 days!

So, I also took time last night and made a batch of my special jambalaya (see the recipe section). I added extra protein in the form of shrimp and chicken. Also, the chicken chipotle sausage had a vein of jack cheese in it, which added to the depth of the finished product. It really reheated well, which made for a tasty lunch.

After cooking, I attacked the Christmas tree (yes, it was still up). I got the ornaments off, the lights off, and realized I still had enough time to take down the tree, put it away, and then I vacuumed the rug. It’s odd… we have an artificial tree that drops as many needles as a real tree. Go figure. Now, many of you are probably wondering why we still had a Christmas tree up. Don’t judge us.

I have an appointment with the dietician tomorrow afternoon. Hope we get some good news, and maybe we can get a surgery date. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t apprehensive. In a surprise move, I’m all over the map emotionally regarding the operation. I’m still going to do it, but I’m sure I’ll question my decision up until the time they shoot me up with Versed.

Hope you all have a great week!


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