Two for one

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Day 15 is in the books. Not a particularly great workout… the ankle was kind of stiff, so I took it easy (2.7 mph, 2% incline) rather than do the usual random setting. As Ryan once told me, “Anything is better than nothing.” Plus, I think the cold rain and general dampness really had me aching. I can only hope that when there is less weight on the joints, the aches and pains should ease accordingly.

I opted to wear my Merrell hiking shoes for the day. The offer a little more support in the ankle and heel than do the cross-trainers and thought maybe my feet could use a break. Just need to remember to take them off when I go for weigh in later today. They do weigh more than my sneakers and every little bit helps. I’m actually freaked out about my appointment today. I know I’ve been doing a pretty good job staying active, but I’ve had little success with the scale. Plus, I haven’t been the best and not grazing. I’ve just tried to keep my grazing to healthier stuff. We shall see. I’m just not going to let a poor weigh in ruin all that I have done. I know I’m on the right path… I just have to keep on said path.

Lunch today was a cup of jambalaya and some Greek yogurt. I’m not a huge fan of the Greek yogurt, but I’ve found if you stir the hell out of it, it makes it that much more palatable. I also opted for a protein shake for a snack. Breakfast was a shake and a banana.

So, enough about the impending office visit of doom. Let’s talk about what I saw last night. I had to go to the grocery store… some coupons were expiring. While I was in the checkout line, I noticed a “tween” girl in another line who was totally rocking a 1989 vintage Debbie Gibson Electric Youth-era hat. Just the fact that I used the word “vintage” in conjunction with “Debbie Gibson” made me feel very old. It was just kind of funny, though, as I remember when that hat was popular.


OK… we’re back. Turns out I forgot to save this down in a .doc format and Pages can’t read a .docx extension. Sigh.

So, I’ll just combine posts and you get two for one. It’s a BOGO post! Woot!

So, the bad news. I managed to gain four pounds. It could’ve been a lot worse, though. I had several days of not particularly healthy eating. It wasn’t so much the what, it was the quantity. One of my biggest problems is that I’ll eat mindlessly without considering just how much of something I’m eating. Before I know it, I’ve eaten an entire bag of chips or pretzels. It’s not particularly a good thing. So, my next appointment is February 11. Shauna informed me that it’s go time, though. If I don’t manage to drop another 10 pounds, then no surgery for me at this time. That’s one way to make sure I get in compliance.

One other positive change I am making is that I started journaling my intake and exercise again. I had really dropped off on it, but maybe if I really pay attention to it, I’ll get a better feel for just what and how much I am eating. Wish me luck.

Also, I did another day at the gym. For those keeping score at home, that makes it 16 straight days. Did time on the arc trainer to save my dodgy left ankle. I got 30 minutes in, good sugar results… no complaints. So, tomorrow will be Day 17… and I have no idea of how many days I’ll be able to keep it going, but I really like starting my day with a workout. Gives me the energy to get through the day. I’ll need it in the coming months. We’re going into a busy season at work where mandatory overtime is the phrase of the day, so I’ll need it.

Well folks… thanks for reading. I appreciate all your page views and I thank you for your support.


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