First goal down…

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Bariatric surgery, Weight loss

Remember I said my first goal was to actually see a weight on our home scale?

I assumed it was a 350 pound capacity… and it seemed to be taking forever. I’d get on, it would say “ERR” and that was it.

Today, I climbed aboard and I saw a reading of 334.0. I didn’t believe it, so I stepped off and on and got “ERR” again. This makes no sense if the scale is a 350 pound capacity. It makes perfect sense if it’s a 335 pound capacity. I say this because when I got home from support group it read 334.4. Loosely translated, that means a loss of just over 45 pounds since I started the program. I can live with that.

Let’s keep it going!

  1. janetsala says:


  2. I understand the feeling of disbelief! The first time I read a number other than Err on our scale I couldn’t wait to share! Little did I know the process of more weight off is as exciting! Congratulations!!! Next stop- clothes that fall off 🙂

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