It’s done

Posted: May 5, 2013 in Bariatric surgery, Digestive issues, family, Weight loss

Yes, third shift is done for the foreseeable future. This makes me happy. I’m looking forward to not being as tired or feeling as sick.

Things are moving along in the expanding the food department. Managed to handle a banana and deviled eggs. The eggs went down so well, I’m going to make a batch of hard boiled eggs just to have them around. As for the banana, it really has helped that nagging sensation of nausea that’s just under the surface. Maybe I just needed some fruit-based carbs. I know I can’t have oranges yet, or anything with skin, but that’s coming in the next couple of weeks.

The weight loss has been coming along. I weighed in yesterday at 308.8, which is a tick over 71 pounds lost. Compare a photo of of me in December with one that SPW took yesterday and you’ll see what I mean. I think it turns out being pretty noticeable. I’m looking forward to the next week or two, when that first digit will be a 2 for the first time in years.

April 2013

April 2013

December 2012

December 2012

So, yesterday involved a first holy Communion for our quasi-niece, Jillian. It was actually a pretty nice affair, despite being seriously long. At one point, I looked at SPW and whispered, “Did we make a wrong turn and end up at Easter Vigil mass instead?” It was still nice to see and brought back memories of my own Communion so many years ago. There’s a sad story that goes along with my Communion… I realize it was 1978, but my parents put me in a leisure suit for it. With giant lapels. About all I can say is that it wasn’t lime green or anything, but a leisure suit is still a leisure suit. Again, one of the highlights of any event such of this is the people watching. There was one communicant’s mother who was dressed in a tight, red, backless cocktail dress complete with hooker heels. No, maybe I’m just getting old, but there are some items that are best not worn to church.

The driving range went pretty well. It’s been such a relief to swing the clubs with less of a belly in the way. It’s also nice to go out and get some fresh air. I’m noticing that the balls are staying straighter, which I’m attributing to getting some practice. And no, not Allen Iverson practice. Just going out and trying to develop some muscle memory. I’m planning on actually getting on a real golf course for the first time in 25 years this summer, so I gotta see if I got game, or at least might not completely suck.

There have still been issues… I get the random bouts of nausea, at odd times. Whether I’ve eaten or not. I still have that scent at the edge of my consciousness that I can’t explain. These things are getting to be less, though, which is a good thing. My gut still rebels at the simple thought of a protein shake, but I’m going to conquer that as well. I’m still cold all the time, which is totally alien to me. I’m hoping that it will improve my adjustments to hotter weather… nothing stinks more than going to Disney World and feeling like a limp dishrag. I am looking forward to getting the same picture taken as last December’s, just to really illustrate what a difference the operation has been.

At any rate, that’s about it for today. I’ve got to roust SPW as we’re going to play a round of miniature golf before she has to work. We’re going to try a course that we’ve not played before. Hope it’s fun!

Song of the Day: Run to the Hills – Iron Maiden

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