Things went… swimmingly.

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Exercise, Gratuitously Naked Guy, Physical activity, Team AllEars, The Rec, Walking, Yard sale

So I made it to the pool yesterday. The pool is actually part of the Rec, just a part I usually don’t go in, mainly because I kind of forgot where it is (don’t judge me).

I showered, got my suit on and went hunting, primarily by feeling the humidity level and smelling the chlorine increase. I made a wrong turn in the locker room and found the hot tub. There was also a Gratuitously Naked Guy sighting. A regular slice of life at the Rec.

As it was Sunday, they had half of the pool sectioned off for family swim. This left two lanes for lap swimming, one of which was occupied by a kid getting swim team coaching and the other occupied by two wizened women. I figured my best choice was to stay on the family side next to the lane rope and get my work in. Everything went well, until I was on my second lap, when I realized that granny had stationed herself about 20 feet from the wall, next to the rope, and was just standing there. I kept swimming, figuring she would see me coming and be courteous. Guess I thought wrong. Granny watched me swim toward her and didn’t move, forcing me to swim around her.

I kid you not.

After swimming around 300 yards, albeit slowly, I toweled off and headed back to the locker room. I was tired, but I still felt pretty good. I decided to hit the treadmill and did 20 minutes on there. Turned out to be a pretty good workout.

After that, I showered up and headed to the ghetto for the viewing. We weren’t there all that long, just enough to pay our respects. Afterward, I dropped off my mom and I headed home, hitting a torrential downpour that was mercifully brief. I stopped and picked up supplies to add a baked good table to the Dreaded Yard Sale. I got extra flour, sugar, chocolate chips and eggs… hope this adds to the bottom line and allows us to increase our contribution to Team AllEars and the Avon Walk.

That about does it for the day. I plan on mixing dough tonight and getting ready for Bake-a-Palooza. I really hope the sale does well… maybe my cookies will gain new fans.

I can hope.

Song of the Day: Avenida Revolucion – Chickenfoot

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