So I’m sitting in a preop cubicle here at LGH. My gown is on and not tied well, cause I’m just not that coordinated.

I’m also frightened.

I guess it’s natural… They are going to reroute my plumbing. If I wasn’t scared, I’d be worried. There are so many thoughts going through my mind right now, I’m not sure which way is up.

I know that I’m logically doing the right thing, that which offers me a fighting chance at a normal life. But there’s part of me that will miss the old sedentary lifestyle. It’s going to be a battle fighting that part, but I’ve gotten this far.

In the upside, I weighed 354.2 this morning. With clothes and shoes on. The liquid diet and the reduced insulin deserve the credit, but I know that I had something to do with it as well. It’s been a struggle, but it’s worth it.

I admit my biggest problem was chatting with my mom in the way to the hospital. I heard her start to break down. I want to get this done so I can tell her I’m fine.

I’m getting shaved now. This will be fun when it grows back. It is what it is.

This will be my last post until after I’m done. Thank you all for sticking with me. Next chapter begins now.

  1. Sandy says:

    With you in spirit! Continuing hugs for you and that wonderful Laura! ❤

  2. Mickey says:

    So proud of you and prayers are coming your way for you and your sweetie!! You are an inspiriation my friend!

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